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About Enchanted Plant Candy-Goddess Offerings

Enchanted Plant Candy is a delightful take on the old folk lore practice of offering a gift to the Earth (usually tobacco, or ale) as you seek favor from the gods & elementals, blessing your crops  for a bountiful harvest.
It is also intended for New and Full Moon celebrations. -- Your offering is considered an energy exchange, a barter if you will, as you set intentions to manifest...whatever your heart desires.

Our fertility Rites Collection is Reiki charged with Love & Light to bring you strength, wellness and  Blessed Bliss.

While our Enchanted Plant Candy  is indeed a plant food, rich in organic nutrients, first and foremost it is a DO NO HARM token of respect for Mother Earth and Spirit.  And that respect extends to the plants as well. That is why we have deliberately decided to create our food with  an all purpose level of organic composition, with low to moderate amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.  Good for All plants, in moderation. Results may vary depending on the condition of the soil and requirements of each particular plant. Our plant food is designed for slow release, and is only intended to SUPPORT your regular soil treatments. It is not intended as a 'cure all' for struggling plants.


Use as you would like in your Sabbat Ceremonies or New and Full Moon rituals.  Remove from wrapper and set in garden, near your favorite tree or palnt.  Break into pieces and scatter about if you choose.  As you water -- and with the help of Blessed Rains -- your offering will dissolve slowly and feed the great Empress Mother Earth.  May we all find our way back to honoring her.

Instructions for Enchanted Plant Candy Goddess Offerings

Instructions for using Enchanted Plant Candy / Goddess Offerings

Remove  from  wrapper and place in a garden near plant or shrub. 
For ceremonial use offer your intentions to the Higher Power of your understanding. Bless the Earth,  THANK the  Earth , and never forget to celebrate  LIFE!

PLEASE remember that the ingredients of this Plant Candy includes cow manure, so always use gloves when handling.

Blessed Be, y'all.

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