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Shiny and Bright with Reiki Light  Handcrafted Soaps

(Fragrances: Ginger Peach, Lilac,  Patchouilli, Amber Rose) List Fragrance in Comment box, during check out.


Home crafted Reiki charged Soaps filled with the power of healing prayer.

By now many of you have heard about the miraculous  crystalline changes in droplets of water when prayed over by a Buddhist monk. (Click  "Abby's Flower" below for more on this amazing subject).
 In the same spirit of energetic intent, these lovely homemade soaps  are  made  while  gentle music plays. Then they are  prayed over and charged with healing intent throughout  the curing  process. 

Packed with the living energy of our organic, farm fresh lavender and wild  mountain mint. They are poured and sculpted into massage bars to enhance the experience of wellness and revitalization.
And so it is.

Also available in  Spa Sets 

  Set Includes : 


Beautiful Scented Powder Puff

Luxurious Body Moisturizer

Homemade Shea /glycerine base Soap

Loofah exfoliator


For  more about the power of intent and it's effect on water click "Abby's Flower"

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